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Art does not always mimic reality


Hollywood films that portray the lives of hackers often lack verisimilitude.

This is because they tend to exaggerate the skills and actions of hackers, making them almost superheroes.

They often show hackers breaking into complex systems with a few clicks, unlocking impossible security systems and obtaining confidential information in a matter of seconds.

We often see terminals full of complex messages and unintelligible images, designed to give the impression of complexity that only someone with special powers can understand.

Hollywood Hacking

In reality, hacking into systems is a much more complicated and time-consuming process. You need advanced technical knowledge and programming skills to be able to carry out these tasks. In addition, the security systems of governments and large companies are much more robust than those shown in the movies, making it almost impossible to break in.

Hollywood movies also tend to show hackers as lone thugs, acting only on their own volition. In reality, most hackers operate in organized groups and have political or financial motivations.

In addition, Hollywood films often show hackers working with outdated technologies, while in reality technologies are constantly evolving.

In summary: Hollywood films about hackers generally present a great lack of verisimilitude, exaggerating hackers’ skills and actions, showing them as lone bandits and easily breaking into complex systems.

Mockery Never Ends

Regardless of the verisimilitude of the vast majority of hacker movies, you too can have a Hollywood hacker experience! 🥳

There is software for Linux called Hollywood, which simulates a terminal similar to the ones we see in the movies.

Hollywood Terminal

Hollywood for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Installing Hollywood software on Linux is very simple, thanks to the APT package manager.

Hollywood is a tool that automatically runs monitoring scripts for the Linux operating system, organized in windows that alternate in content.

To install Hollywood via APT, follow these steps:

[1] Open the terminal on your Linux Ubuntu system.

[2] Then type the command “sudo apt install hollywood” to install Hollywood.

[3] Wait for the installation process to finish.

[4] To start Hollywood, type “hollywood” in the terminal.

Now just impress the laypeople and enjoy the vibe! 😁

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