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Migration to the cloud has been a dominant trend in recent years, but recently, some companies are opting to return to on-premises datacenters.


Leaving the cloud may seem like a counter-intuitive move, but there are several reasons for it.

In recent years, there has been a notable trend for companies to abandon cloud computing environments and return to hosting their data and applications in on-premises data centers. This shift raises questions about the factors driving these decisions and the implications for the future of cloud adoption. Let’s delve into the motivations behind this move and explore why some companies are opting to bring their operations back in-house.

The costs

Migrating to the cloud can be expensive, especially for companies with large volumes of data. Cloud costs can become unpredictable and increase over time, especially as the company grows. On-premises datacenters can offer more predictable and manageable costs in the long term.

Performance and reliability

Cloud applications can suffer from latency and performance problems, especially for companies with specific needs. Local datacenters can offer better performance and reliability, especially for critical applications. Full control over the local datacenter environment allows performance and reliability to be optimized for the company’s specific needs.

Security and compliance

Security in the cloud can be a concern for some companies, especially in sectors with strict regulations. On-premises datacenters offer greater control over security and compliance, allowing companies to meet their specific requirements. The physical location of data in on-premises datacenters can be important for companies dealing with confidential or sensitive information.

Flexibility and control

The cloud can limit companies’ flexibility to customize and modify their applications. On-premises datacenters offer greater control and flexibility to customize the environment according to the company’s needs. Companies can have more freedom to choose technologies and solutions that best suit their specific needs in on-premises datacenters.

Data sovereignty

This point has become the subject of much discussion. Moving to the cloud can raise concerns about data sovereignty, especially for companies operating in countries with strict data protection laws. Local data centers offer greater control over the location and storage of data, meeting data sovereignty needs.

No More Cloud

Final considerations

The decision to migrate to the cloud or return to on-premises datacenters is complex and depends on a number of factors specific to each company. It is important to carefully evaluate the company’s needs, the costs involved and the benefits of each option before making a decision.

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